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Create your own schedule and have our team of therapists and exercise professionals help you through virtual health sessions. Our virtual team offers Physiotherapy, Kinesiology as well as other fitness classes all online. Feel good and take pride and ownership of your body’s health by having us guide you through movement in different ways.

Virtual Physiotherapy

Reduce your pain, restore and maintain your optimal physical functioning and performance by having our registered Physiotherapist’s assess and treat you safely online. Our Physiotherapists will always ensure you receive the best care that is possible through education and guided exercise treatments that are catered to you and your lifestyle.


Working Out at Home

Common conditions treated include but are not limited to:

  • Joint sprains and muscle strains (general and sport specific)

  • Tendonitis, Tenosynovitis and other overuse injuries

  • Pre-­operative and post­-operative treatment

  • Neck and back pain

  • Impaired mobility/balance

  • General de-conditioning

Virual physio

Benefits of Virtual exercise

  • Access health services from anywhere on our mobile device

  • Build a professional relationship with your therapist that is specific to your needs

  • Feel safe and comfortable by choosing your own environment

  • Save time that you have to travel

Virtual Physiotherapy Service Fees

     Initial Assessment and Treatment:     $90

                    Follow-up Treatments:     $65



Our Physiotherapists are registered and in good standing with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario. If you have insurance coverage then you could be covered for Physiotherapy.

Virtual Exercise Classes

Online Zumba Lesson
Zumba Dance Class

If you want to have a workout experience that is fun, entertaining and full of energy then you have to try out our exercise classes! This style of exercise has been used to provide a full body workout that incorporates all the elements of fitness by moving your body to Latin inspired music and dance moves. Our certified Zumba instructor is providing online sessions so you can feel safe and comfortable at home or wherever you want to get a workout in.


You have to try!



Meet our Virtual Services Team

Sonia Lena, PT.
Registered Physiotherapist,
Maria Lopez
Certified Zumba Fitness Instructor
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