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Kinect Health Services Ltd. is a mobile therapy service that provides people with high quality care in the comfort of their own home. Our goal is to provide patients with health care in a convenient way without having to sacrifice quality of service. You will find that our therapists are fully equipped with any tools needed to deliver a therapy session that is highly comparable to a clinical setting.

Save Time

We will save you the time and effort of having to co-ordinate an appointment time around your busy workday or home life. We want to provide people with access to healthcare with minimal effort.

We connect you to multiple health solutions by having our team come to you!

Kinect with Health Services

Get connected to a variety of Healthcare and Fitness Professionals in home, at work, or online. We offer Physiotherapy, Massage and exercise opportunities as part of a holistic approach to physical health.

All our therapists are registered professionals with a variety of experience. Please contact your Extended Health Benefits to see if you are covered for any of our services.

How it Works.


Go to Book an Appointment and fill out your information regarding the services you are interested in.


You will be contacted within 48 hours by a member of our team and asked further questions to see if our services are appropriate for you.


Schedule an appointment with us. We use Embodia App together with Stripe as secure service providers for your invoicing and billing needs. 

See Billing below for more details.


We operate with Embodia App. You can create an account and with your permission, securely store your credit card on your file so you can conveniently be billed for any future appointments you may have. If you wish, we will also accept cash and Interac e-transfer by the end of your session.


You will always receive a receipt for any sessions provided which you are then responsible for submitting to your insurance company.


For more information regarding security and to set up your account with us, please visit Embodia at:

Online Shopping

You can find more detailed pricing here

How it works/billing
Fee Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you have Physiotherapy at home?

Save time for yourself.

Avoid wait times, travel times and unexpected delays by being at home. Make the most of the time you save after!


Be practical.

Receiving a home exercise program that is created in your home makes it easier to replicate and therefore adhering to.


Receive truly 1-on-1 treatments.

The therapist will be with you the entire duration of treatment. Avoid double-bookings and multiple patients.


Feel Safe and comfortable.

We come to you. What is more comfortable then being in a familiar place like home?

Will I receive the same treatment that I would get going to a big clinic?

At Kinect Health Services Ltd. we try our best to provide each patient with as many of the same tools and materials you would find in a clinical setting. This includes a treatment bed; modalities like ultrasounds and IFC; exercise equipment; taping materials and manual therapy tools. Our therapists will try and transform your dining room, office, den, basement or backyard into the most comfortable and closest thing you can get to a clinic.

Is this covered by extended health benefits or OHIP?

Unfortunately none of our services are covered by OHIP. However all our healthcare practitioners are registered with their affiliated Colleges and governing bodies and could be therefore be covered by your extended health benefits.


Those who have Extended Health Benefits, pay into a different health plan based on your job and therefore we suggest you contact your insurance company directly and ask what type of coverage you are entitled to:

  • Physiotherapy

  • Massage Therapy

  • Kinesiology

What is Kinesiology?

The term Kinesiology refers to the scientific study of human movement, performance and function. Kinesiologists used evidence-based practice to prevent injury and disease and improve your movement and performance. Some areas of kinesiology practice include:

  • health promotion

  • injury rehabilitation

  • chronic disease management

  • ergonomics and workplace safety

  • fitness and athletics

  • return to work planning and disability management

  • public health


College of Kinesiologists of Ontario 

Why would a baby need physiotherapy?

There are actually many reasons why a baby receives physiotherapy treatment. Some have received diagnoses from birth that can be addressed with physiotherapy such as Torticollois, Plagiocephaly and developmental delays. Other conditions can be more long-term such as low muscle tone, hypermobility or even more rare cases permanent conditions such as cerebral palsy.


As a parent, Physiotherapy can actually be used as a pro-active approach to learning more about the Gross Motor Milestones infants go through and how to use your playtime with them to encourage their development.


Health and Safety Protocol

Kinect Health Services Ltd. keeps an updated Health and Safety Protocol for all team members in order to ensure patient and employee safety. We want everyone to feel safe and comfortable. Be reassured that we are constantly implementing health and safety strategies regardless of the environment. Please read some key aspects to our protocols:


Treatment of all equipment and services:

  • All treatment beds are disinfected between patients.

  • Our massage therapists will provide clean sheets for each patient that are changed for every patient.

  • Any self-adhesive electrodes used will be properly cleaned and disinfected between all patients.

  • Any exercise equipment will be wiped and disinfected after use.

Hand washing and sanitization procedures:

  • Practitioners will thoroughly wash their hands between patients.

  • Patients are asked to wash or sanitize their hands prior to the session.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other Health and Safety questions.

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